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Services, Fees and Scheduling Information:

Mediumship Readings: $100 for a 60-minute mediumship reading*.

Available Hours

  • Monday-Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm EST (excluding Tuesdays)
  • Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm EST
  • Sunday, 3:30pm EST*
  • *If you have a special time request, there is an option to make that request within the scheduling form.

*Special Note: Please know I cannot guarantee who exactly will come through during your session. If you want your mother to come through, a friend or a grandparent may come through first or you may even hear from your father instead of your mother.

I believe the Spirit that comes through is meant to and there’s always a validation and/or message for your highest good. Before the session, it is a good idea to ask your loved ones to come through during a mediumship reading, however, please be open to anyone who wants to say hello. Thank you.


Payment Method

Due to some payment method changes, for now, please email me at messagesfromtheotherside [at] to schedule a reading and PLEASE do not give me any information other than your first name, contact email and preferred day and time. I’ll update you on payment options at that time. Thank you.

Important: I usually book two-to-four weeks in advance. If payment is not received at least one week prior to your appointment, it will be cancelled and you may reschedule.



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