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Services, Fees and Scheduling Information:

If you would like to schedule a session with me, please click on the link below. (See note below regarding local in-person group meetings.)

Mediumship Readings: Click here to pay $127.00 for a 60-minute mediumship reading*.

After payment, you will be provided a link to the booking pages to schedule your session.

These sessions will be by telephone or Skype. I highly recommend you provide me with a landline, if at all possible, so we have a clear, strong connection and don’t have to worry about being dropped.

You may record the session using a free app like Audacity, or, if we use Skype, you can record it using that. Make sure you start recording a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. I will call you at the phone number you’ve provided.


[Local Group Readings: For those whom I know locally and have provided you with my business card and private phone number, please know I will soon be offering special in-person group readings (6 people) at a cost of $35 per person. These group sessions will last 2 hours and I’ll do my best to read for everyone in the group. Either I must already know you, or you have to be referred to me by someone I know for these events. Please contact me if you are interested in setting this up. Thank you.]


*Special Note: Please know I cannot guarantee who exactly will come through during your session. If you want your mother to come through, a friend or a grandparent may come through first or you may even hear from your father instead of your mother.

I believe the Spirit that comes through is meant to and there’s always a validation and/or message for your highest good. Before the session, it is a good idea to ask your loved ones to come through during a mediumship reading, however, please be open to anyone who wants to say hello. Thank you.


Rescheduling Policy: Bookings can only be rescheduled up to three days before the meeting time.

Cancellation Policy: Bookings can only be cancelled up to 2 days prior to the session.

Missed Appointments: Clients who miss appointments and/or are greater than 15 minutes late will forfeit their appointments and are charged full fee for the service.

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