Radio Show

On April 20th, 2013, I launched a 30-minute call-in radio show called Messages From The Other Side. I thoroughly enjoy doing these shows so please join me every Saturday at 3:30pm EDT on BlogTalkRadio. The call-in phone number is: (646) 929-0732.

I’ll cover a topic for about 10 minutes then one or two lucky callers will receive mediumship mini-readings, share experiences and have a chat with me. You never know who is going to come through from the Other Side, or what questions or experiences callers want to share.

It’s always interesting and a lot of fun. I love connecting to people using this platform. See you then!

Love and light,


Note: If you’d like to contact me for a full one-hour private mediumship reading, please visit my Contact Me page. I look forward to connecting with you and your loved ones! 🙂

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