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I had my radio show for three years on BlogTalkRadio and several years ago, I had to remove more than 100 original episodes due to changes in the BlogTalkRadio policies, but I have kept the newest shows for you to peruse.

During the last six years since my husband passed away, I tried to restart it twice and it wasn’t working for me. I am now transitioning my content to Substack and I have hopes to publish some of those original episodes there. Am awaiting further instructions from Substack before doing so. I’m also thinking about having a weekly podcast there as well.

So please subscribe (for free) to my Substack to keep up-to-date. You can also subscribe here as I will be posting updates here linking forward to that site. Trying to cover all my bases.

For now, you can still listen to several episodes of my radio show at Messages From The Other Side. 

3-1/2 years ago…

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