Schedule a Reading

I’m working on setting up a new system for scheduling mediumship readings, please bear with me.


If you’d like to schedule a mediumship session with me, please stay tuned for new system to pay and schedule. My fee for a private 60-minute reading is $127.00.

Once payment and date/time is confirmed and set, you’ll receive a helpful .pdf on How To Get The Most From Your Mediumship Reading via email.

The session will be via phone, so don’t forget to include your phone number on the booking page. 🙂

Note: If you want to use Skype, please email me at messagesfromtheotherside [at] cox [dot] net with your user name.

Please know I highly recommend you provide me with a landline, if at all possible, so we have a clear, strong connection and don’t have to worry about being dropped.

You may record the session using a free app like Audacity, or, if we use Skype, you can record it using that. Make sure you start recording a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. I will call you at the phone number you’ve provided.


*Special Note: Please know I cannot guarantee who exactly will come through during your session. If you want your mother to come through, a friend or a grandparent may come through first or you may even hear from your father instead of your mother.

I believe the Spirit that comes through is meant to and there’s always a validation and/or message for your highest good. Before the session, it is a good idea to ask your loved ones to come through during a mediumship reading, however, please be open to anyone who wants to say hello. Thank you.


[Local Group Readings: For those whom I know locally and have provided you with my business card and private phone number, please know I will soon be offering special in-person group readings (6 people) at a cost of $35 per person. These group sessions will last 2 hours and I’ll do my best to read for everyone in the group. Either I must already know you, or you have to be referred to me by someone I know for these events. Please contact me if you are interested in setting this up. Thank you.]


Rescheduling Policy: Bookings can only be rescheduled up to three days before the meeting time.

Cancellation Policy: Bookings can only be cancelled up to two days prior to the session.

Missed Appointments: If client is not available after 15 minutes worth of attempts to contact, client forfeits their appointment and will be charged full fee for the service.

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