About Me

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Lisa Bahr. I am a Medium. That is to say, I hear and sense people who have passed away and receive messages from the Other Side or Spirit World. I can also communicate with them, asking them questions and receiving answers.

I am clairaudient (clear hearing, both audible and an inner hearing), clairsentient (clear sensing), clairvoyant (clear seeing, as in images), and claircognizant (clear knowing, that inner sense of knowing a truth). My strongest abilities at this time are: hearing, seeing images and sensing specifics about the person who has passed on (young/old, personality types, names, etc.).

Most of the time, Spirit (this is an all-encompassing word for me for energies from the Other Side: loved ones, guides, the divine), come to me while I’m watching TV or working on my computer or…well…just about any time. Some have very strong energies while others seem very weak and they come and go so quickly, I don’t get any information from them at all other than a waft of perfume or flowers.

The sense of smell is a strong way to get your attention.

With my sharp sense of smell and sensitivities to perfumes, scents definitely capture my attention.

One year after my beloved husband passed away, I was notified that Bob Olson had finished vetting me and I was given this badge to display on my site. He had deemed my abilities, skills and services legitimate. This meant I was allowed to be listed on his reputable website, Best Psychic Directory (click on the badge to be taken there).

I wept that day, knowing my husband would be…and was…so proud of me. A skeptic at first, he had come to acknowledge and appreciate my intuition and mediumship abilities, even going so far as helping me expand and fine-tune them. It was a poignant day.

My Professional Background

I’ve held many different customer service jobs, including managerial and training positions, over the years. I have more than 13 years of professional job/life coaching experience including more than eight years of experience as a self-employed National Personnel Recruiter, teaching and coaching candidates in resume writing, interviewing skills, job hunting, and life decisions.

I can honestly say that my intuitive abilities have helped me truly listen to my clients’ and candidates’ needs and recommend just the right tool and/or resource that can help them attain the jobs they want resulting in greater self-confidence, job satisfaction, financial stability and/or increases, and more time with family.

This sort of coaching encompassed life coaching as well. People would ask for guidance on decisions they were considering, truths they wanted to share with their families, sometimes shyly asking for the courage to stand up for themselves at work and in their personal lives.

I am always honored to be included in this personal process and love leading and encouraging people to acknowledge their own strength, courage, intuition, and heart-filled needs to enrich their lives. It’s wonderful to see them bloom into their own power, their own selves.

And The Messages?

Over the years, I’ve continued to sense presences in a variety of ways, have had dreams that I know were more than just dreams, and have notebooks filled with not only years of study notes, (bookwork and coursework with Sonia Choquette, and coursework with John Holland), and exercises to fine-tune my abilities, but also messages from the Other Side from loved ones.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to deliver these messages. I told someone once, “It’s kind of like a post-person being unable to deliver mail because you have no last name or address on the envelopes. It’s kind of sad.”

And this is why it’s so important for me to come forth with my abilities. I want to deliver the messages to whom they are meant for, to be able to give some comfort. Specifically, I want you to know your loved ones are really not gone, they’ve simply changed their forms, and they are okay.


Love and Spirit never die.

Having lost my mother in 2009, this knowledge gives me great comfort. I know her spirit is still alive, and probably having a ball traveling to places she always wanted to visit but never got to, and visiting whomever she wants at any moment. I know she is happy, healthy, and free, and finally reunited with her mother and sister.

This knowledge gives me joy and peace of mind. This is my wish for you when I connect you with your loved ones and teach you how you can connect with them on your own. I bet a lot of you already do! 😉

To learn more about my personal story, please visit my How It All Began page.

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