I’ve been very fortunate to meet, chat, and work with so many wonderful people over the years.  Here are some of the things they have to say about me. *blush*

I’ve included testimonials from mediumship readings, and life/job coaching as well as personnel recruiting because I feel my intuition has always played a big part in every job I’ve ever held to help people improve their lives.

Mediumship Readings

“Thank you again for the mini reading today on the radio show! It was nice to speak with you and my great grandma/grandma. By the way, the name Maria that came through was actually my great grandmother! I validated with my mom and her name was Maria. She was born with the name Maria and changed her name after she got married (to Mira) Thank you again for relaying the message.

I do believe my great grandma was telling me not to worry about…I’m kinda a worry wart lately. She definitely helped ease my worry. Thank you again, Lisa and I just wanted to share that update!” ~Maja


“My reading with Lisa was amazing. I got to hear from the two men I really wanted to hear from. It gave me chills, definitely recommend Lisa if you are looking for an honest medium. Her reading was touching and heart warming. Looking forward to another reading in the future!” ~Tiffany


“Hello Lisa
A thank you again from both my myself, my mother and my friend, Susan. The validation you provided today was so very appreciated by all, especially my friend Susan! She called me right back with tearful thanks, so I extend them forward to you as well. She needed that contact today most of all. : ) “~Z


Job/Life Coaching

“Thanks Lisa, I got way more than just a polished resume with your service. You’ve done a world of good, and given me the extra boost I needed to get out of the door with confidence! Thanks so much.” –Joseph V.

NotesJoseph was one of those ideal clients for me: he was eager to change his life for the better, took my advice/guidance and followed it to the “T”. As a result, he was successfully hired at the company and position he targeted, and has been working for a few years now with great success! He has a terrific boss and supervisor, a great mentor/co-worker, received a promotion, and is now participating in a management program within the company.

Update: Last year, Joseph tweeted me saying he was “…named as one of the Outstanding Staff of 2013 at the TTU College of Education staff retreat!” along with a photo accepting the award. I am so proud of him and happy for him. When I congratulated him, he replied:

@lablady Thanks! I thought you’d like to know your help in getting the job has paid off in a big way! 🙂 “

Thank you, Joseph. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Note: As of 1/28/2018, my Twitter username has been changed from @lablady to @IntuitiveLB)


“Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and just with the few times I have spoken to you I feel as if I have more confidence and am able to get a better job than just fast food…”… “I’m very impressed, you’re amazing!!!!” –Stephanie D.


From my personnel recruiting days

“I had the pleasure of working together with Lisa for eight years. She is personable, thorough, patient, ethical, a superb listener and writes the best resumes I have seen! Always had the client’s best interest in mind. A true professional.” –Thomas Priester, President of The Sparta Group


As of 1/28/2018, my Twitter username has been changed from @lablady to @IntuitiveLB)

from @catchyseachild: “Follow @lablady and let her help you get a job! She just helped my DH get what he wanted in an offer from the company he interviewed with!”


from @JessRS @lablady thank you for that great reminder. only keeping what’s useful and loved. otherwise, donated or trashed. going really well.


from @ValueIntoWords: “Very much appreciate your #FF @lablady – you’re a great, honest, meaningful career expert I enjoy reading! < #F“


from @DawnBugni: “@lablady Thanks Lisa. You’re always so supportive and positive. I love it!!  )”


from @NikkiStarr @lablady That so worked! I can’t thank you enough!!!!


from @ValueIntoWords: “good points, @lablady – that’s why I recommend #jobseekers and others looking 4 insightful career advice & encouragement follow you!”


from @CrisJobCoach: “Lisa @lablady is a #Kindness All star! Genuine, caring, considerate.”


from @schoolmarketer: “My #FollowFriday for today: @lablady. She’s smart, thoughtful, and always willing to engage in a great discussion.”

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