How It All Began

Growing Up

My introduction to the Other Side or the Spirit World came from my mother. My mother loved reading Edgar Cayce’s books and summer days were often spent using the Ouija Board (big in the ’70s and has a fascinating history). I haven’t used the board since then, but remember making contact with some pretty fascinating spirits from bygone eras.

My father, however, did not approve so as soon as his car was heard in our gravel driveway, Mom would quickly scoot us away so we could stash the board, bible, cross, and notebook in an end table in the living room before he entered the house. The spirit world was spooky and unexplainable to Dad and because he had experienced some things himself (in that house and on that property), he would sooner forget about them than discuss them.

Just like my mom, however, I was always fascinated by the stories the spirits (and authors like Edgar Cayce), had to tell and by the fact that life so obviously lived on after we were done with our bodies. For the most part, I took it all in stride although I’d be the first to admit there were a few scary instances where I simply didn’t want to take the next step to see or hear any more spirits.

What Was Heard

From the time we moved into that house and on that land, (2 acres plus the use of farmland all around us with a barn, potting shed and pool-house), my entire family started to hear things: footsteps on the stairs, furniture being dragged across a wooden floor upstairs, banging on pots and pans in the kitchen, windows being slammed shut, and more.

Funny thing about the sound of furniture being moved upstairs; it was in one of the bedrooms, and the floor? It had carpet. In fact, all the floors had carpet so the scraping of furniture on a bare, wooden floor was a bit of a puzzle. Soon, though, we all became accustomed to it and just yelled out, “Okay. We hear you!”

Even people who visited would sometimes see or hear things as well. My uncle heard his name being called while he was out back behind the barn one day shooting clay skeets. He swears he heard my mom yell his name so he answered, “I’ll be right there!” As soon as he walked around some bushes and saw there were no cars in our driveway and no one was home, he packed up and “got the hell out of there.”

In one instance, we had guests stay overnight and they saw a little girl in a white nightgown during the night. They thought it was me. It wasn’t. And, interestingly enough, out of all the experiences we did have throughout the 10+ years we lived there, none of us ever sensed or saw this little girl’s spirit.


I didn’t know then that loved ones often use butterflies to say hello to us.

Putting It To Good Use

After further research, my mom decided to start asking the spirit who resided in our house for help in finding misplaced items. And…he always came through for her. We discovered he was a man who often visited the original owners (more than a century ago) who simply loved it there. And yes, we looked up dates and names to verify.

By the time I heard the silverware drawer being yanked out and spilled downstairs in the kitchen at night, or the banging on a pot with a spoon at 5:17am every morning for a week or so, I had learned from Mom that all I had to do was ask the spirit(s) to stop. So one morning, after being awakened yet AGAIN at 5:17am, I loudly asked him/them to stop banging the pot so I could sleep…and it worked!

Acknowledging My Abilities

From an early age (about 10 years old), this world has been a matter of fact for me because I grew up with years of first-hand experience. I have always interacted with Spirit in some way, so I think it was a natural evolution to eventually recognize myself as a psychic Medium.

In college when traveling abroad for two months studying Ancient Greece, I had some incredible paranormal experiences and communications! The month we spent in Greece exploring ancient ruins: cities, temples, marketplaces was amazing. I had always been drawn to archaeology and to Greece so I loved every minute of it.

And, honestly, Greece is one of only two places in the world where I’ve really felt like I was home, like I belonged. I’ve come to believe I’ve definitely had a past life there long, long ago. But that is another story.

My life has been, and is, filled with psychic experiences: communicating with Spirit, tapping into Universal knowledge (what I like to call The Force – yes, that’s a nod to Star Wars fans), listening to my own intuition always in a positive way, and always with everyone’s highest good in mind. I’ve learned so much along the way and I continue to learn and grow every day. It is a lifelong journey.

And to think it all began in an old house on a small farm on a quiet road in New Jersey where a spirit found comfort in our home and with our presence, and a mother wanted to believe there was more to life than our physical bodies and longed to connect with her long-lost loved ones.


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