What is a Dual Reading?

Spirit Works In Amazing Ways

I am so excited and amazed at the dual reading that came through on today’s Mini-Readings show! I honestly can say I’ve never experienced such a strong dual connection nor experienced one like this…I was kind of thrown off by it!

I was telling Spirit (since yesterday) that they needed to be as loud, clear and concise as they could in order for me to fit in three callers in 30 minutes during today’s show. Well, if this isn’t the ideal way to do that, I don’t know what is. It was fantastic!


What is a Dual Reading?

It’s when one person’s loved ones on the Other Side seemingly get together with another person’s loved ones to give validations that are meant for both of their loved ones here…at the same time.

This happens sometimes when you are listening to someone else’s readings. There is a validation (name, situation, birthday) that resonates with you as well and, to me, that means your loved one is sending a private “hello” to you within that other person’s reading.

Today’s show was a perfect illustration of how this works on a larger scale with many validations.

How Do I Know It’s Not a Mis-Reading?

That’s easy to answer. Sometimes I may be reading one person but the messages are meant for another caller. Usually when that happens, the caller will say, “No, that doesn’t mean anything for me.” If there are too many of these non-validations, I know I’m picking up someone else’s loved one instead of whom I’m speaking to – it’s rare but it does happen.

In today’s case, though, I can honestly say it was both women’s family members who were coming through with numerous validations meant for both of them. That was probably why I was feeling like there were so many people trying to talk to me at once from the Other Side. All I have to say is: Wow! Talk about a time-saver session!


What Happened

Patricia from New Mexico was the second caller and, if you listen to the show, you can hear me say I was picking up a “man and a woman — parents”. I think I originally was tapping into the third caller’s mother and father as you will hear.

After speaking with Patricia from New Mexico and getting validations from her mother and grandfather(s) with names of an old friend of hers, her Uncle George, her dad’s car breaking down and more, Ann, (the third caller) proceeded to tell me she connected with practically every bit of information I gave to Patricia!

Normally, I might be a bit hesitant to go with this but the validations with Ann’s connections with the name George, Susan and other messages was uncanny. The clincher for me that it was a dual reading was that the third caller’s real name was also Patricia (although she goes by her middle name, Ann); and the reference to Saint Theresa by BOTH of these women. This was no coincidence! This was Spirit at work in a remarkable way.

Added note: I have done a little research and I see two main St. Theresa’s: Saint Teresa of Avila and St. Therese(a) of Lisieux. Ann mentioned the latter one specifically, so if I were Patricia, I might want to research her more in-depth. Regardless of whether it’s the same saint or not, the name itself is a wonderful validation for both of them.

What are the chances that Patricia’s mom would come through last night in a dream to tell her about St. Theresa and then have Ann resonate with that same saint and mention her today?


I truly believe these callers’ families got together over the last day and night to synchronize their validations and messages from the Other Side for these two women. Wow.

Even my husband laughed, “They got together last night because you told them you needed them to come through loud and clear for more than one person today in a short amount of time.”

I hope Patricia from New Mexico re-listens to the show so she can experience the added sense of wonder at how Spirit works and hear how many validations she has in common with Ann (Patricia) from Florida.

My Thanks

I not only want to thank both of their families for such an efficient way of communicating but I also want to thank Ann (Patricia) for letting me know about the validations as well as accepting the validations from her family during the call with the first Patricia. I truly was shocked and delighted with this experience.

Today’s show is a great reminder to us that we really are connected here and on the Other Side and proves to me, once more, that Spirit works in truly wondrous and amazing ways every day!

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