Reminder: Live Show Today!


Due to lack of callers, I ended today’s show early. I, then, deleted the show. You didn’t miss anything. No special news was announced, no messages came through, no callers.

One good thing came out of it, though. My new phone worked well, audio recorded just fine so next week’s show will be great.

I also now know to simply take off these two weekends and enjoy my holidays. 😉

Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂

Yes, there is a live Messages From The Other Side show today, January 4th, 2013 at 3:30pm EST on BlogTalkRadio.

Happy New Year! Are You Ready For It?

Description: Happy New Year! Are you ready to step into the new year? Lisa will chat about this for a minute then get straight to the callers to see if a loved one is ready to connect with you. Please listen and/or call-in to find out!

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