New payment and scheduling process is up & running!

As of today, February 9, 2023, my new payment and scheduling process is up and running! Thank you for your patience. ❤️

First, I want to say hello and welcome to all my new visitors, followers, and subscribers here on Messages From The Other Side as well as on my new Substack site. (Remember, I’ll eventually be re-directing this site to Substack, so it’s best to subscribe—for free—there.)

I also want to thank all of you for your support in today’s Zoom call with C. and your follow-up to/with me online, (you know who you are). 😉 I was and am in shock how that reading went because I certainly was not expecting C. to encourage you to find me and schedule a reading! I was and am overwhelmed by her generosity and your support. I, also, was not prepared! lol

I immediately spent three hours figuring out and finalizing the new payment/scheduling process and I’m happy to say, it’s up and running. (see below) Whew! and…WOW! 😲

You can now schedule a reading with me via my Ko-fi Commissions page. Once you’ve paid, you’ll be provided a link to schedule the day and time of your reading. I will also email you my helpful guide (.pdf), How To Get The Most From Your Mediumship Reading.

Note: I am available for afternoon appointments on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. When you schedule, you will only see those days on the calendar. It takes a second for your brain to recognize that Mon/Wed/Friday are missing, but just be aware of that when scheduling.

You see, I’ve been asking the Universe, (including all my guides/guardians/angels), for months now…continue reading post

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