Saturday’s BlogTalkRadio Show

Hello everyone!

I just had to share this flower with you. Yup, it’s a red Hibiscus. These flowers are always so huge, it’s a wonder. Beautiful. 🙂

Beautiful afternoon light on one of my two red Hibiscus plants. I love them!

Afternoon sunlight on one of my two red Hibiscus plants.I love them!

I know some of you were waiting for more shows during the week but I was fighting off something and had a sore throat so I decided to hold off until my energy level was back up to normal and I could speak without favoring my throat.

My throat is feeling better so I will be having my BlogTalkRadio show today at 3:30pm EST. Yay!

See you then! 🙂

Love and light,


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One response to “Saturday’s BlogTalkRadio Show

  1. Greaat blog you have here

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