Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree

I hope your Christmas was a good one. I send out lots of love and light to every one of my followers and to everyone who happens upon my site and my radio show. 🙂

I know sometimes it is difficult to go through the holidays without loved ones but I want you to know that they are with you, especially during the holidays. It’s a time for expressing your love and they feel that, they know that, and they choose to express their love with little signs. I hope you were able to notice them.


It was a quiet day here, just the three of us and didn’t go as planned. Do these celebrations ever go as planned?

We decided to have something different for Christmas dinner and bought some baby-back pork ribs but when I pulled them out to pop them in the oven yesterday, I saw a bit of brown on them and PHEW! did they smell awful!! 😦

What’s that saying? “When in doubt, throw it out.” I have to say, there wasn’t ANY doubt these ribs were bad.

As a result, we scrounged around and ended up having baked and roasted potatoes and cucumber salad for dinner. Plus apple pie for dessert. We were all a bit hungry this morning but the store was kind enough to reimburse us for the bad meat. Thank you to them but I have to admit, I think it’s set me off of pork ribs for a while.

Note to self: Always have ingredients for a back-up meal for holidays. We usually do have an extra box of pasta around for a quick meal. Throw in a few veggies, a little olive oil, garlic powder and voila! Alas, we didn’t even have that last night!


On the bright side, we played a few games of Uno, exchanged a few nice presents and I, for a moment, felt my mom’s spirit smile and thank my husband for putting up an ornament she had bought us years ago in memory of her. That was extra sweet because even though I’ve had other signs from my mom, I haven’t really felt her spirit.

This was a rush of gratitude I felt from her along with an image of her smiling as my husband mentioned her and I handed him the ornament. Later, an added confirmation of her presence, I read something that had her name in it.

My mother likes to send messages that way a lot. Whether it’s a commercial with her first name or something online with her last name, “Mrs. ___”. It seems that’s her most common way of saying hello. I acknowledge it every time. “Hi Mom! “


On the business side of things, I want to let you know that my rates for readings will be going up January 1, 2014 so if you’d like the old rate, schedule now. If you contact me after January 1st, the new rate will be in effect. To schedule a reading, go to my Schedule a Reading page and fill out the contact form.

My rates for intuitive coaching sessions will be the same as posted since I just recently added these services to this site. I will be posting testimonials soon.


Finally, I want to thank each and every one of you who follow me here and on Twitter (@IntuitiveLB), listen to my radio shows and call-in,  and those of you who refer me to someone you feel needs my services the most. I appreciate every connection I make with you and your loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side.

It is my great pleasure to deliver validations and messages of love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, encouragement, and guidance to you. You may not always hear what you want or expect but please know that Spirit delivers the message(s) they feel would be most helpful to you at that moment. Be open to what comes through and trust your own intuition when it comes to acknowledging your loved ones’ direct communication to you. You are loved. 🙂

Love and light,


Did you notice any signs this Christmas from your loved ones who have passed away? I’d love to hear about them and I’m sure others would too. Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you! 

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