Letting Go of Expectations

On today’s BlogTalkRadio show, I had an insightful call. I think there were some valuable lessons in the conversation for everyone. A woman called from Maryland and I sensed her parents coming through. She then asked if they had any advice about her career. I felt guided to talk to her, to connect with her to find out where she was in the job hunting process, especially since I’m a former job coach!

I also wanted to chat with her, as I do with other callers, to strengthen the connection of energies between her and her parents, however, she did not want to participate.

Note: If you won’t allow me to tap into your energy by simple conversation, that makes it very difficult for me to then connect with your loved ones on the Other Side. I like to have as strong of a connection as possible to be able to receive the messages as clearly as possible–be they words, images, mannerisms, or guidance.

A Short Digression

When I was a personnel recruiter as well as life/job coach, I felt guided to ask certain questions to get a better feel for where the person was in their job search or about the life issue. I needed to connect with their energy over the phone to better understand what problems they felt they were having.

I could hear the exasperation in their voices or the joy in their voices, or their worry as they shared their stories with me. This helped guide the conversation and led me to offering just the right tools, resources, and advice they needed for the next step.

In this today’s case, I felt that the caller’s parents came in to let her know they were here, and then they stepped aside for me to chat with her.

Unfortunately, the woman curtly told me she didn’t call to be coached thereby putting up a block for me to connect with her. After the show, I thought, “Well, yes, actually, she did call for career advice.” She initially said she wanted advice from her parents about her career.


So I Pose This Question

Did the caller ever think that perhaps her parents guided her to call me to have a brief discussion of her job search and offer her free professional advice? I mean, what are the chances of talking to a medium who was formerly a job coach when you have a question about your career?

Unfortunately, the caller dismissed my expertise because she wanted to hear from her father or both her parents without realizing that the message they possibly sent was for her to call me so I could help her! Think about that for a minute.


It’s like that old adage (and I might get the modes of transportation incorrect but you’ll get the gist), of the man who is drowning and asks God to save him so God sends him a log to grab hold of and the man pushes it away.

Then God sends someone in a boat and the man waves the boat on, telling them “God will save me.” And finally God sends a helicopter and the man waves them off as well.

Obviously, the man drowns and upon going to Heaven, he asks God, “Why didn’t you save me?” And God said, “Well, I sent you a log, I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter and you rejected them all. What else was I supposed to do?”


A More Modern Example

It’s like getting a phone call from someone and you don’t answer it because you want them to send an e-mail. The message is still coming through but you’ve blocked or rejected it because it’s not coming in the form you want it to or expect it to. So, you end up not hearing the message and not receiving the help you asked for.

Valuable Lessons

Lesson #1: Let go of expectations. When you go for a reading, or even if you’re trying to connect with your own Inner Guide, Higher Self or loved ones, you need to be open to whatever information you receive and how you receive it. It may not always be what you want or expect, but it will be what you need. And it won’t always be delivered exactly how you want it to be delivered either, so be open to alternative ways of communication.

Lesson #2: Participate. Don’t rebuff what seems like a moment or two of trivial conversation. A connection needs to be made to move into a deeper connection or conversation with anyone you speak to. While it may seem silly to you to talk about the weather with someone you want specific information from, it’s not only a societal nicety but a necessary step to establish a rapport and a connection of energy between two people.

This can also apply to anyone you meet, not just a psychic or medium. Some call it “breaking the ice”. It’s really about attempting to connect with that other person so you both can feel a little more at ease as you delve into the real reason you are meeting.

Alternative Possibilities

Now, with all this said, her lack of participation could very well have been due to her calling from work and she couldn’t speak freely. If so, then I was correct in sensing a block from her. I’ve had many conversations over the years as a personnel recruiter then as a life/job coach to know that many times, this is exactly the case.

The person is very short with me on our first call but then when we speak later when she is at home, away from work, her energy completely changes and we have a great, friendly, productive conversation.


I want to thank today’s caller for providing these lessons so that everyone can learn from the call. Even if the reason she didn’t want to speak freely was because she was at work, the lessons are still valid.

Generally speaking, I think if the caller can let go of her expectations of how she thinks her life should go, as her father suggests, she’ll be open to more opportunities and experiences that will prove beneficial to her and probably allow her to be more open to signs from her loved ones and her inner self as well. This goes for any area in her life, career-wise or personally.


And, This is a Great Lesson For All of Us…

…because we all have expectations of some sort surrounding some aspect of our lives, don’t we? Even if it’s an expectation of a conversation and not something as big as a life path, say. I know I had expectations of where I’d be in my life by this time and, sometimes I have trouble letting go of them which can keep me from moving on to something even better than I expected.

Life doesn’t always work exactly how we plan or hope for it to work. We don’t always get the e-mail we want but we shouldn’t not answer the phone when it rings. We might miss a great message, opportunity, or experience by rejecting the call while waiting for the e-mail.

We must remember to be flexible and open to how life unfolds  so we can see or hear the guidance we seek.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with having expectations about a call, situation, meeting, event. Did you adapt or hold tight to those expectations? What were the results?

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