Weekly Reminder: Live Show Today!

Hello all! 🙂

Yes, there will be a live Messages From The Other Side show today, February 1, 2014 at 3:30pm EST. Please call in with your experiences and questions so I can help you recognize your loved ones’ messages.


Air date: February 1, 2014

Description: Do you think your loved ones may be communicating to you from the Other Side but are unsure? Call in with your questions and chat with Lisa to get some clarification and a mini-reading. It’s all about taking your calls today!

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2 responses to “Weekly Reminder: Live Show Today!

  1. Hi Lisa, I wanted to call in to your show today but could not find the number anywhere on the blog talk radio page & you did not say the number on air either.

    • Hello Lynn,

      I’m sorry you couldn’t find the call-in number this week. If you look directly above the BTR window when the show is live, you’ll see the call-in number. I also sent out a tweet with the phone number a few minutes before the show aired (@lablady), and I did say the phone number two or three times at the beginning of the show for everyone so they can call and get in the queue.

      Please know if I have a few callers already in the queue and I’m in the middle of my show, I don’t repeat the call-in number because I know I can only get to one or two callers within my show’s time frame (30 minutes). Maybe I’ll start posting the phone number within the weekly description of each episode for easy reference as well. Please try again next week. 🙂

      Love and light, ~Lisa

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