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Reminder: Live Show Today

Hello! Just a reminder that I’m having a live show today, September 28, 2013. I took last Saturday off. 🙂

Listen in at 3:30pm EDT to Messages From The Other Side on BlogTalkRadio.

Show’s description:

Join Lisa today as she responds to a note sent to her by a confused and frightened woman who wants to know why she’s experiencing some things recently.


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My Mother’s Losses

May I suggest you read my About Me>How It All Began page before reading this post? It’ll make more sense if you do.

I think one of the main reasons my mother had such an interest in the Other Side and wanting to know if someone’s spirit lived on after death, was because she suffered the loss of the two most important women in her life: her older sister and her mother.

My mom’s sister, Marilyn contracted polio and was placed in an iron lung shortly after giving birth to a daughter (my cousin whom I’ve never met and I’ve heard has led a truly sad life).

Marilyn died because of a miscommunication between her and her nurse. Marilyn was trying to tell the nurse one of two things, either “I’m wet.” or “I can’t breathe.” Whichever it was, the nurse thought it was the other and opened up the iron lung thus stopping the automated compression that was keeping Marilyn breathing and…she died.

Snapshot of Mom

My mom’s high school photo.

My mom was only 17 years old at the time and was getting married in three months. Marilyn was only 20. Sadly, I cannot find a photograph of Marilyn anywhere.


My mom spoke lovingly about her sister and often said I reminded her of Marilyn in the way I stood & carried myself; my posture. And I was tall like Marilyn too…well, relatively speaking. I’m the tallest female in the family at 5 ft. 4 in. My mom was 5 ft. 2 in. and both of my sisters (older & younger) are, I believe, shorter than my mom. And Marilyn? I don’t know but I’m guessing she was between 5 ft. 4 in. and 5 ft. 7 in. tall.

I remember trying to contact Marilyn one day with my mom using the Oujia Board (I do not recommend doing this nowadays), and I believe we did. The energy spelled out a phrase that only my mom’s sister used. My mother was convinced it was her since she had never heard anyone else use that phrase…ever. I think that connection gave my mother the reassurance and validation she so desperately needed.


About 10-12 years after she lost her sister, my mother lost her mother. I have vague memories of my grandmother and I think she passed away while I was very young, under the age of five. I’ve been trying to track down the exact year but haven’t had any luck…so far.

My grandmother was another woman in my mom’s life whom she looked up to and again, spoke very lovingly about all of her life. My mom often said she wished “you kids” had known her mother. Her mother was an extremely talented seamstress and a generous, kind soul married, unfortunately, to a tyrant who was charming and generous to those outside the home but who was stingy and verbally and, I believe, physically abusive inside the home to his wife and family.

My mother would tell us that her mother, a smart, frugal woman would use coupons so she could set aside the cash she saved on groceries from the food allowance her controlling and abusive husband gave her. I believe she used that money to discreetly buy what she needed for sewing. My grandmother was also never allowed to learn how to drive and walked or took the bus everywhere she needed to go.


The heartache of losing and missing the two most important women in her life was something my mother never got over and the more I think about it, the more I believe she not only wanted proof that they were still alive in spirit but that they were safe and finally happy, and were still around her, a part of her life.

If I can bring a sense of hope, love, joy, and perhaps, even a little peace to someone here by connecting their loved ones to them then it is worth me trying to do so. Despite my mother being a very private person with her interest in this field kept very quiet, I like to think she’d approve. 🙂

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BlogTalkRadio Glitches But Still…First Show Is A Success!

How did it go?

Good news! My first BlogTalkRadio show was a success! Despite about 30-45 seconds of “downtime” due to being disconnected from BTR (had to call back in asap), I was pleased that someone’s loved one came through for her and I was able to pick up on his energy. I was also happy that BTR didn’t disconnect me while I was speaking to this caller. Luckily, the disconnection occurred during the introduction. Whew!

I was also very pleased to see three people calling in and waiting in the queue to speak with me! That’s who will make this radio show work: you, the callers. It’s wonderful to know you want to participate and I appreciate that. We are off to a great start and I thank you. 🙂


Yes, I was a little nervous but my first caller, Tasha was very patient and understanding, she was up for anything and I appreciated that openness. You see, it’s a mutual effort between myself and the spirit(s). I have to raise my frequency and Spirit has to lower theirs in order for us to ‘meet’ or hear each other clearly.

I also have to clear my mind of my daily concerns, doubts, and filters to make sure I’m getting the correct information. Some days are easier than others. I’m sure all of you can relate to that. Sometimes it’s difficult to concentrate/focus when you have other things going on in your life and occupying your mind.

Special note to Tasha: Please know I’m sending positive healing wishes your sister’s way. I neglected to tell you that on the call.

Beautiful Red Hibiscus flower with small yellow flowers
in my backyard.


Aside from BTR disconnecting me, I also realized there seems a bit of a delay in the phone call. We’ll see if that continues. If so, (I’ve heard it happen on other radio shows), we’ll just have to keep that in mind and work with it the best we can. It reminds me of watching live news happening on TV. You can see the person on location waiting, listening then receiving the question from the anchorperson in the studio. There’s a pause, a nod of his/her head then they answer. On radio, you can’t visually see that occurring so sometimes that means a slightly longer silent pause than we like but that’s okay. It all works out.

I must say it is a challenge to mentally ask a question to those on the Other Side and listen for the message or answers while also trying to make sure there isn’t a long silence for the callers and the audience. During my one-on-one sessions, my clients expect the pauses or, if face-to-face, can see me listening and there isn’t any pressure. With time constraints on a radio show, there’s a little pressure! Plus, 10 seconds on a radio show can seem like an eternity to the listeners.


All in all, I think it went very well. Since I’m only allowed 30 minutes, I’ll probably only be able to do one reading per show but please don’t let that keep you from calling in. You never know if there will be a dropped call or if I’ll go right into the readings to fit in two or three calls during the show. I’ll do my best to connect with as many people as time allows.

I have to believe that whomever I speak with is meant to get through and connect to someone at that time: all parties are ready, willing and able to communicate…and technology cooperates! 🙂

Even if you don’t get to speak with me, I urge you to listen carefully to the messages. I often find that there is a message for not only the caller but to a few listeners as well that will help them in some way. It happens to me all the time when I listen to shows. I hear just what I needed to hear that day.

To find out when my next show will be, please subscribe to this blog and you’ll receive an email notifying you about new posts and new air dates. Within a week or two, I hope to have settled on a consistent day and time.

Love and light,


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