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Valuable Life Lessons Of Support – Follow-up To Today’s Radio Show


Important and Valuable Messages for Lori and All of Us

As I ended today’s episode of Messages From The Other Side, I felt the need to write further about the messages coming through for my caller, Lori, and within minutes, I made a connection with something that was brought up and we were a little confused by during the conversation.

NOTE: Since Lori called in to a public radio show I am extending her permission to this post & I hope she won’t mind me sharing the added insights here as I have no way to get in touch with her. I also feel that by sharing these added insights, messages and guidance, that they will help others.

The Puzzling Validation and Realization

Lori’s mother came through and brought up a puppy and it turns out that she had made Lori abandon a puppy when she was a child. We weren’t sure how to interpret that other than the validation that her mother was acknowledging a childhood event but I felt there was something more significant to it.

It dawned on me after the show, and what was it?

This is what came to me: “Even though we abandoned the puppy, we haven’t abandoned you.” It was impressed upon me by not only her mother but all of Lori’s loved ones on the Other Side: “You’re not like this puppy. You’re not abandoned.”

Wow. Lori, I hope you’re reading this. This message and insight clicked for me. That was the “something more” I felt but wasn’t seeing when I was spoke to you earlier. I hope it resonates with you as well.

Acknowledgement of Accomplishments

I also want Lori and any of you who have taken the courage to start anew someplace different (whether it’s a new town or a new job or a new relationship) to acknowledge the courage that it took to do so!! Even though things didn’t work out, it was valuable life experience!

First, it taught you you were strong enough to take the risk (of the move, the job, the relationship) and second, if it didn’t work out, it taught you what you don’t want in your life thereby teaching you what you DO want in your life/job/relationship. How cool is that?

One of the best ways I know to discover what you want in your life, and who you want in your life (personally and professionally), is to actually live and acquire life experience! Sometimes the life experience will be good, sometimes it’ll be bad but you always learn valuable lessons from both experiences!

A hawk flew into my yard during today’s conversation.

Valuable Life Lessons of Self-Support

Thought you’d like to live in a small town or work from home but you discovered it’s far too isolating for you and is even a bit unhealthy for you? That’s great! You NOW know you need to find work outside the home or make the effort to balance working from home with taking the time to network with other like-minded individuals and spend time with friends. You can create a balance.

If you can’t do so in that small town, then it’s okay to move to a larger town where there is probably a more diverse demographic, museums, theatres, festivals, activities, hiking or biking trails – where the town encourages you to be more active and more social. And you might find that works better for you so honor the lessons and the choice to move as a sign of self-support.

Remember, if you hadn’t taken the chance to experience the move or the change in job, you would never have learned what you really need and want in your life, what is acceptable and unacceptable to you, and how you can be healthier and happier.

Acknowledge your courage to take that risk and acknowledge the lessons learned from that experience. Those lessons are invaluable to creating the life you want.

How? You’ve found what doesn’t work for you and that leads you to making educated, and more supportive decisions, so you can live a life that you love with whom you love, so that’s a good thing!  😀

Additional Support Which You Might Not Recognize

For Lori: I don’t know if you rescued those two cats in the town where you now live, but if you did, can you see that, perhaps, one of the reasons you moved there was to do just that? To help these cats? Adopt them and add joy and compassion to your life and theirs? You are there to support each other. How beautiful is that?

And, if you rescued them before you made the move, could the reason you felt compelled to do so was because they knew (and you did too) that they could give you support realizing there was a possibility that the small town was going to be too isolating for you? That your intuition knew the cats would help you cope?

As I mentioned on today’s show, we get to choose what holds significance in our lives. No one else has to agree with that significance, it is our own to embrace.

It is a way for us to offer ourselves support when we don’t feel supported by anyone around us. It is a way for us to cope with life’s challenges, big or small.

Don’t devalue yourself or your efforts or your risk-taking. Within every step you take, every decision you make, there is a valuable lesson of self-support in it (or lack thereof). And you know what? Sometimes you have to make the “wrong” decision or a “bad” decision to know what is the right decision for YOU.

How many of us learn the easy way? Not many, huh? Most times, we have to experience challenging events, relationships, jobs, moves, trials in order for us to learn how to love ourselves, respect ourselves and support ourselves. When we can do that, we can truly change our lives for the better, be healthier, happier, and more loving to ourselves and the world around us.

Please don’t forget to send healing and positive wishes to Lori in Acme, Washington. Let her feel our support and encouragement to honoring her decision to move to a healthier and happier place with her two cats.  🙂 Thank you!


So, tell me, how are you learning to support and respect yourself, your decisions, your health and well-being? What challenges either big or small have taught you valuable life lessons that helped you improve and support your life in the best way possible?

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Reminder: BlogTalkRadio Show Today!

Hello there!

Just a reminder to my followers/subscribers to listen in to my show, Messages from the Other Side on BlogTalkRadio today, June 1st, 2013 at 3:30pm EDT.

Here is the show’s topic and description:

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

If you have ever pondered this question, please tune in today to discover the answer. This show was inspired by one of Lisa’s callers who asked this question on-air. She felt it was such an important and intriguing question, she wanted to discuss it more fully. Join Lisa as she offers her views on this fascinating topic!

NOTE: Yes, this topic *was* covered two weeks ago on a previously scheduled and live show, however, due to a technical glitch, no one heard it and it wasn’t recorded, so Lisa has decided to re-do the show. Time permitting, Lisa will also give one lucky caller a mini-reading.

SPECIAL NOTE to those who follow my blog: Yes, I published my script for this show after I was on-air on May 18th not realizing there had been a problem with the audio. I only discovered the problem a week ago, however, I still urge you to listen in! It’s a topic I love to talk about and if you didn’t feel like reading the entire post, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and listen. 🙂

I hope to see you there! Love and light,


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What is The Purpose of Life?

As promised, I’m posting my thoughts and beliefs on this question for you.

(UPDATE: Due to a technical glitch this show did not go live or record on May 28th so I will be discussing this topic on my BlogTalkRadio show, Messages From the Other Side, this Saturday, June 1st, 2013. Please tune in!)

Two weeks ago, Tony from NY asked: What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? I could also hear his concern about all the negative things that you see and read about and what kind of purpose those have, if any. I know he’s not alone, I know most, if not all of us, have these same questions and concerns throughout our lifetime so I wanted to expand upon my answer. Tony, I hope you’re listening.


I firmly believe we are here to experience everything life has to offer, both good and bad. We’re here to learn, to grow, to love, to help one another, and be happy. Oftentimes, though, the road to happiness is lined with challenges but that’s okay, that’s how we appreciate moments of happiness, and of joy.

To me, that’s THE purpose of why we’re here. I think we try to make it more complicated than it really is: what is my purpose? Like it’s a single solitary thing…well, in a way, it is. To experience life. Period. But…that encompasses everything!!

One of your purposes could be helping a neighbor plant a garden or babysit her children. Your purpose might be uplifting someone’s day in such a way that it saves them from making a poor decision, it could be as simple as an act of kindness like letting someone in front of you in a supermarket line. You don’t know how it’s going to impact their day or their life but you do it anyway. Think of the “bigger picture.”

I think it’s possible to look at our entire life as the purpose of why we’re here. We want to experience being sad, being happy, being in love, being heartbroken, being helpful, even feeling hatred, feeling forgiving and forgiven. We want to find our passions and yes, that’s plural, passions – you can have more than one passion in a lifetime, just like you can have more than one purpose, so to speak. Don’t limit yourself. However, like I said, within the main purpose of experiencing life, there are many, many purposes within that…to be a parent, to be a friend, to be a catalyst or motivator, to be an artist or a teacher, the list goes on and on!

And know, that with each experience, it offers an opportunity for everyone involved to grow. For example, if a group goes through a traumatic experience together, each one of those people will probably learn something different. One will learn never to trust again (or at least for a while and will then have to learn to trust again), one will learn to be more cautious, one will learn to listen to their intuition the next time it tells them not to do something or go somewhere, one will learn to continue to listen to their intuition because it saved them from experiencing the traumatic event.

One will learn to forgive, one will learn about hate, one will learn about love and not taking people they love for granted. One will learn to live life more richly and fully. One will come to their own truth about themselves, their relationships, their career and/or all of these things.

There is so much wisdom to be gained from a negative experience but it can take some time for the wisdom to be recognized. Healing needs to take place before we can recognize it sometimes. Give yourself that time to heal.

Pink and Yellow Lantana

Negative experiences also offer opportunities for others to rise to the occasion and help others. Remember 9/11 and, more recently, the bombings in Boston? Those tragic and shocking events brought out the best in people, didn’t they? People risked their own lives to rescue others from the wreckage, people opened their homes to strangers,

STRANGERS! In a world where we are constantly telling our children not to talk to strangers much less invite them into our homes-we did both!

We opened our homes and ourselves to help one another. We gave blankets, water, food, shelter, clothing, emotional support, financial support, we gave our compassion to everyone involved and by doing so, it brought us, as Americans, and in the case of 9/11, almost the entire world together.

As Americans, we had become distant and separate and divided and 9/11, I think, changed that. It united us, we came together to help each other, to do good in any way we could, even if it was simply sending our prayers out to everyone directly involved. What a beautiful thing that came out of a very negative experience.


We, as humans, are capable of so much more than we can imagine (though our Spirit or Higher Self knows it), and sometimes we need a negative experience in this physical world to remind us of our strength, our compassion, our bravery, our wisdom, our appreciation for each other, our love for humanity…it doesn’t matter what package we’re in, what color we are, what nationality we are, we are all human beings having very human experiences. That simple fact bonds us together. It allows us to help each other when we see someone struggling with a similar situation or event. This is the value of a negative experience: to help ourSelves and others so we know we’re not alone, we know there’s help out there, we know someone cares. We all long for this connection and, experiences, both positive and negative, give us that connection.

So, know that what you’re going through now may end up helping someone else in years to come. I know you may not be able to see or feel that now but hang in there. The purpose of your experience will be realized as time passes.

Amongst the weeds and overgrown grass, beautiful little yellow flowers blossom.

Amongst the weeds and overgrown grass, beautiful little yellow flowers blossom.

Now, for the positive experiences. When we help someone, what do we feel? Happiness! Joy! Right? When you give someone a hug, doesn’t that feel good? It’s a moment of joy, of love, of connection. That’s what life is all about and sometimes we have to go through a negative experience to realize that yes, that really is what life is all about. Love. As humans, we all want to be acknowledged and appreciated and loved for who we are, flaws and all. Imperfections and all. No one is perfect and that’s okay! Life would be boring if everyone was exactly the same and “perfect”!

So remember, we all want to be loved and we are all hurt in some way. Each one of us goes through our own version of Hell and not one of those versions is any less important than another’s. There are lessons to be learned, our Selves and others to be appreciated and loved, joy to be had, if we can only get through the pain, anguish, and trauma of the events of life, we’ll see that. It may take months or even years to recognize the good that comes from a bad situation and that process in itself, is a journey worth having, worth experiencing, worth sharing. That process is our purpose.

When we’ve just had a negative experience, we never know how it will result in something positive for ourselves and/or for others but at some point, we know we’ll be able to reflect back and say, “Wow. That’s why I went through that. That’s why that happened!” Kinda’ neat, huh?

So…Our purpose is not an end product, it’s the process of life itself, the experience of life…the journey of life…the joy of life.

Our purpose is to live our lives. Our purpose is to love, to learn, to grow, to help one another, and find our passions and our joy through experiencing all of life, both positive and negative. It’s as simple as that and it’s as complex as that.

Cat sleeping

Life’s most simplest joys: finding the perfect chair for a nap. You can’t help but smile, can you? Focus on these moments.

And as far as the imbalance of negativity vs. positivity goes? The media gives us that illusion. I invite you, as I did Tony last week, to look for the positivity, the joy in life. Once you start looking for positive happy, joyful moments, you’ll start noticing them everywhere and if you can’t seem to find any…then create one! And that’s something as simple as going outside for a walk and finding joy in the trees, the sunshine, the animals. Something as simple as smiling to a stranger or your neighbor. Bask in those moments…focus on those moments…add to those moments. Focus on the good and you’ll find it. I’m sure of it. 😀


Does any of this ring true to you? What do you feel is the purpose of life? Where do you find joy in your life? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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