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What is My Purpose?

Hello everyone!

You know, I’ve thought a lot about this question and the following post I wrote in 2013 entitled, What is The Purpose of Life?, these last 2-1/2 years, for so many reasons. I think I come back to it again and again because it offers me hope that through the fear and darkness we’re all living in these days, I know, deep in my heart, that lightness will prevail. And, when it does, won’t it be glorious?

Last August, I re-read my post, What is The Purpose of Life? through the eyes of a widow and I found some comfort in my own words.


“There is so much wisdom to be gained from a negative experience but it can take some time for the wisdom to be recognized. Healing needs to take place before we can recognize it sometimes. Give yourself time to heal.”

Allowing myself the time to heal. That was the message that stood out for me then. Ten months later, I continue to push myself forward trying to rebuild my life, and “re-purpose” my life.

I still haven’t healed enough to realize why Hank left this physical world, and why now? But I know I’m farther along in my journey than 10 months ago, learning, growing, evolving into…this person who survived tragic loss and is still here. The wisdom will come, I’m sure, in time. And that brings me comfort.

For those of you who have ever asked this question or are trying to find your purpose, I hope you discover your own message, and perhaps some comfort, in the post as well.

It starts:

“Two weeks ago, Tony from NY asked: What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? I could also hear his concern about all the negative things that you see and read about and what kind of purpose those have, if any. I know he’s not alone, I know most, if not all of us, have these same questions and concerns throughout our lifetime so I wanted to expand upon my answer. Tony, I hope you’re listening.”

Continue reading: What is The Purpose of Life?

Love and light,


P.S. Tony was a caller to my radio show, Messages From The Other Side, and we had a wonderful conversation about his question, only to find out afterwards that the show hadn’t recorded! It was the only episode in more than three years of my show that didn’t record. Hmmm…

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Are You Holding Back From Enjoying Your Life?

If any of you have listened to my radio show, Messages From The Other Side, you always hear me encouraging my audience to write. I believe writing is extremely important: to vent, to ponder, to clarify your mind so you can release negative emotions and blocks, and open yourself up to revelations and possible solutions.

So, I took my advice last weekend and did some writing myself – I hesitate to say it’s automatic writing. It was more of a conversation between myself and those on the Other Side. My Higher Self, guides, guardians and angels. So, yes, messages from the Other Side. 😉 I got the sense of a group of loving beings or spirits, speaking collectively. It was pretty amazing.

One of my questions (ok, complaints) was: Why do I always have to be the one who initiates fun things with my family?


Here’s the conversation (for the purposes of this post, Spirit is all-inclusive.):

Me: “Why do I always have to be the one who initiates fun things with my family? I’m tired of it. Sometimes I want to be asked to play, to join in, to go for a walk, play a board game.”

Spirit:  “Because you are you. By denying that, you are denying you and your loved ones of many happy times. All because your ego needs a boost.”

Me: “My ego? What? (I hadn’t realized that. Hmmm.) Well, as a result, I feel so alone.”

Spirit: “Yes, we realize that and that is a fallacy. You have to know that. All the anxieties, fears are because you are not living your life as your true self. You are the catalyst. You bring people together. That’s what you do. That’s why it’s usually YOU to bring up doing something, almost forcing them to participate in life together. It’s a good thing. Stop seeing it as a burden. It is one of your many gifts. In this same way, you’ll be very successful with groups, teaching, entertaining, yes, and learning too.”

Me: “Well, it’s irritating. I’m irritated with my husband and with my son about this – my skin (on my hands) has irritation on it. With life and my life too. I’m irritated with them for not being like me…[pause….revelation] ooooooooooo, interesting.” **cue the lightbulb moment music**

Spirit: “They have their own gifts and abilities, focus on those, enhance those, appreciate those, bring them out. That is YOUR gift and they know it and love you for it. They are sad that you are sad. They only want to help you but don’t know how.”

As I mentioned on last week’s episode, the fact that all this time, I’ve wanted them to be more like me, wanting them to initiate activities…like I did/do…when that’s not who they are! That’s my ego wanting them to prove that they love me enough to ask me to go for a walk, play a card or board game, or video game, watch a movie. Since they didn’t, no wonder I felt alone! Whoa. Major revelation.

I was shocked to realize my ego has held me back from not only acknowledging and appreciating my gift of motivating people, but also from acknowledging and appreciating my husband’s and son’s gifts and abilities – and from creating some fun memories! Ouch. That hurts.

By the way, even though they may groan initially about my suggestion, they always participate and thank me afterwards. “That was a good idea, hon.” “Yeah, that was fun, Mom.” 😀


I have to say since I’ve had this revelation, my feelings of irritation have disappeared and my hands are healing. I feel much lighter. Cool, huh?

Where in your life are you letting your ego run the show? Where is your ego holding you back from living and loving your authentic self and your loved ones?

If you’re not sure, take a moment, tap into your intuition, Higher Self, any guides, guardians or angels you want (or all of them!), and ask. Then listen and let me know what you find out in the comments below.  🙂


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Apologies and Gratitude

(If you’d prefer to listen to this post, you can listen to me discuss it on my radio show today.)

Background and Apologies

During last week’s Messages From The Other Side BlogTalkRadio show, I was called upon to do some life coaching, which is great and it’s what I’ve done for decades prior to mediumship. I love helping people realize their strengths and make positive moves forward in their lives.

However, I didn’t have enough time to handle the conversation as thoroughly and delicately as I would have liked. Normally in a coaching call, I would spend an hour talking with someone, letting him/her tell their story, listening to both what was being said and not said, then offering various resources, tools, exercises, and guidance to help my client move forward.

Last week, during my radio show, I simply didn’t have enough time with my last caller. My 30 minutes for the show was up…and well, I panicked a little.

Joanie, if you’re reading this, thank you for your patience and I’m sorry if I came across pushy. That was not my intention. I was hyper-aware that I was out of time and was afraid you’d get disconnected before I was able to give you an exercise to help you.

That’s why I was talking so fast and cut you off a couple of times. Also, after re-listening to the conversation, I may have misheard your answers to a couple of questions because of the phone connection. My apologies for that. 



Now, I realize I probably confused the heck out of Joanie and maybe a few of my listeners, and my guidance was totally unexpected, especially since Joanie was calling a medium to find out who was moving things around in her apartment. But life often works differently than we expect it to and this is where it gets interesting and I thank Joanie for showing us just how beautifully the Universe (and Spirit) works sometimes.

A lot of different things were happening all at the same time during that call, and a sequence of events had taken place to get to that place. As with most things in life, it’s a bit complicated but, hopefully, you’ll see the bigger picture. So, please bear with me as I explain. Ready?


I might have been able to communicate further with the female spirit, Sally, who was coming through for Joanie but I felt there was something else going on…and maybe that’s exactly why Sally (Joanie’s father’s first wife) came through briefly. You see, Joanie is intrinsically linked to Sally because, if I heard correctly, Joanie has half-siblings, so even though Sally didn’t know the caller and vice versa, there is a link to her father and the rest of her family.

Maybe Sally knew that the caller wouldn’t be open to hearing from her father, or maybe she simply came through to trigger the caller’s memory of her father so she would make the comment about him always interfering in her life, even though he passed away 12 years ago.

Well, I picked up on that comment and I know that if you feel someone is interfering with your life, especially if they’ve passed on, then there are some unresolved issues to be dealt with, (and we all have issues we’re resolving in our lifetime, right?). So, I can see that, to the caller, this was an unexpected turn of events when she simply wanted to know who was moving her items around.

But this is what guided me to suggest writing a letter to her father (as well as to others) because I know how therapeutic writing can be. Not only am I writer by nature, I’ve done this exercise myself many times, but, I too, forget the benefits and have to remind myself to write it all out. When writing, I not only release the negativity but there usually comes a revelation or two (or three) and I always feel SO much better!


Writing As a Tool or Exercise in Letting Go

And that was and is what I want for Joanie and anyone else reading this. By addressing whatever issues you have in a letter, it will allow you to feel and release any negative emotions and it will make it easier for you to ultimately let go of them and whomever you need to, (and possibly forgive, in time), in order to move on in a positive manner in your life.

While this can be a painful process to go through (depending upon the severity of the issues – if very severe, I encourage the person do this with a professional counselor or therapist), writing a letter to someone who has hurt you, is a very effective way to vent and clear your mind and body of stressful emotions.

Now, For The Interesting Part

A large part of me believes this was the real reason for her call. I only wish I had more time to be a little more delicate about it and not rushed, and make that link for the caller to hear.

Do you see where I’m heading with this? I’d like to invite all of you (and Joanie) to explore the possibility that the spirit who has been moving items around in her apartment for two years *might* be her father. Why, you ask?

Perhaps because as a spirit, he now realizes he could have been a better father, a better person, perhaps done things differently and realizes how he may have hurt his daughter, and now wants to help her get past the hurt. One way for him to get her to pay attention would be to move small items she needs, enough over the past two years to get her to a point of exasperation to call a medium who was a former life coach, and a writer.

In calling me, I sensed some other things happening based on her responses, her words, her tone which led me to suggest the writing exercise in order for her to heal…which is exactly what her father wants for her now that he knows better. How cool is that?

Now, I honestly don’t know if the spirit who is moving items around in her apartment is her father (it could be a loved one or her father’s first wife or even one of her guides) but wouldn’t it make sense that someone who loves her was doing it to ultimately bring her to the point where she contacted someone who gave her a tool to help her acknowledge, then deal with the issues so she could let go, heal and move on in a truly free and positive way in her life? Now do you see the bigger picture?

Mind you, I’m a practical woman by nature but I love to see these magical scenarios play out like this because, in hindsight, they’re always enlightening and it makes life more interesting. Granted, sometimes we don’t see the connections until some time has passed but they are there.


An Added Insight

Usually, I tell people when you hear something that resonates with you, that’s a great sign of confirmation or validation. If, however, you find yourself consistently saying, “No, no, no, no, no.” to people’s observations or guidance, then, for me, that tells me something else is going on. There’s some sort of block to realizing the pattern or the revelation.

So, if this is happening to you or if you feel someone keeps interfering with your life (alive or dead), might I suggest you look within and ask yourself:

  • Why am I letting them do that?
  • Why am I holding myself back?
  • What do I have to accept, say, or do in order to release myself from this interference?

There’s a lesson there for us to learn, a freedom for us to achieve.


So, I invite all of you to write a letter, vent to someone who has hurt you then shred it, burn it safely and release it. It’s not fair to yourself to hang onto negative experiences and energy which are keeping you from living a positive, full life. My mantra for quite some time was: “Write, let go and move on. Write, let go and move on.”

And remember, sometimes you have to write these letters more than once (even several times to the same person!) as you peel away the layers of pent-up emotions stored and that’s okay! Just keep writing, and keep releasing. 🙂

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